Tips and Strategy to Play Dominoes

Tips and Strategy to Play Dominoes – Domino is a relatively simple game, but there are some common domino strategies to keep in mind when playing.

The strategy below applies especially to play Dominoes Draw and Block Domino, which is the most common and basic domino game for many other game variations.

Play Double Start

Get rid of your double as soon as possible. It’s easy to get stuck with a double because you don’t have many opportunities to play it.

Play High Value Dominoes Early

Try to play your high-value dominoes as soon as possible. That way, even if your opponents win the round, hopefully they won’t score too many points.

Keep Your Options Open

Try to keep at least one of each number as long as possible. This will help you from being stuck in a position that cannot be played.

Identify your opponents weaknesses

When your opponents have to pass or draw from a boneyard, make a mental note about numbers or numbers they don’t have. You can use this information to try to block it later.

Determine Your Opposite Tiles

Note the domino that has been played. By seeing what dominoes have been played, plus the dominoes you have, you can often determine which dominoes your opponents have. This is especially true at the end of the round when most dominoes have been played. You can use this information to block your opponents.

How do Domino Tips and Strategies Play?

Chinese dominoes will emerge, and play, in very different ways from Western dominoes. There are 32 individual tiles in one set and each tile will look longer or narrower than Western double square domino tiles. Because they are made in different width or height proportions when determining Domino Play. So they can be easily held in the hands of players like the hands of playing cards.

The size varies but the typical size of the tile may be around 1 inch and 2.5 inches. They will not have a spinner (a round metal pin through the middle), like some sets of Western dominoes, which will make it difficult to stack them. In Chinese dominoes, players draw tiles from a row of stacked tiles stacked on top of each other to different heights depending on the game.

Further information

A number of books are available that offer more detailed tips and strategies for domino players. For example, How to Play Dominoes Better by Miguel Lugo and How to Play Dominoes in Collaboration with Latinos by Gabriel Antonio Tejeira Arias. These books are available at online book sellers such as Amazon.

Tips on General Domino Gameplay

Knowing the number of tiles in a particular setting will help you judge the right tile to play and help you determine the possibility of tiles in the hands of other players. Here are the various types of domino sets commonly available that you might find. Take a look at the list of categories below and learn all about the different types of dominoes.

Domino Category

  • Double-Sixes (Standard Western Dominoes)
  • Double-Nine Dominoes
  • Domino Twelve
  • Domino Twelve
  • Double-eighteen dominoes
  • Domino Without Spots
  • Chinese dominoes
  • Chinese Domino Cards
  • Tri-Ominoes
  • Quad-Ominoes
  • Bendomino
  • Cardoino
  • Western Special Domino Superset

If you are interested in dominoes and their various types and histories, then you might want to consider collecting them.

Advanced Domino Strategy

There is a more advanced domino strategy that you can use that involves some fairly complex calculations and mental calculations. Check back to this page in the future for further details.

Be careful that blocking strategies can backfire for you in games where players must draw additional tiles from the boneyard when they can’t play Dominoes. This can equip your opponents with tiles that can work against you, and not increase your score at the end of a round or hand, if you use blocking too early in the game.

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